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A simple ‘I’m sorry, I’ve met someone else’ would suffice.

Not strictly an email specific problem, but if you send a message to a match and you don’t have a photo, anecdotal evidence suggests you’re hugely reducing your chances of a response.

If you have a profile other members can see it and contact you.

Usually this includes the ability to send you messages.

One lady even said that after a lengthy communication one of her matches stopped responding and then when she asked why simply closed her.

Some users noted that, while their matches would start off enthusiastically, replying swiftly, that often tailed off.

One user even said that badly spelled emails would get an ‘instant delete’ from them.

However, it’s worth remembering that some people have difficulty with spelling and grammar, whether they’re dyslexic or it’s just never been their strong point.

If that’s you, we suggest you compose your messages in a program like Microsoft Word, which should help you correct most of the errors you make.

Text speak also got a huge thumbs down from our users.

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Picture the scene; you know you’ve got a communication from a match you like, you excitedly open the message only to be greeted with, ‘i thnk ur wkd, wd lv 2 meet u’ (Translation: I think you’re wicked, I would love to meet you.).

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