Georgia law on dating while divorcing

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Georgia law on dating while divorcing

Never attempt to represent yourself in any legal action.

Generally, a divorce action is filed in the county in which the defendant lives.

So your home state would retain personal jurisdiction for your divorce.

There are a wide variety of documents you need to file for a divorce. So it is always best to hire an attorney to represent you.

The wife may have her maiden name returned by having language included in the Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce indicating that her maiden name is restored. Generally, the only basis for an annulment is an allegation of fraud.You can be separated even if you are living in the same household as your spouse.To file a case for divorce, you must be in such a state of separation. Oftentimes people file a case for Separate Maintenance instead of a Divorce for differing reasons.For many people, the date of separation is the date of the filing of the Petition for Divorce.It does not necessarily mean that you are physically living in separate houses, as many people cannot afford to do so until a divorce is final.

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Alternatively, your spouse may be served via sheriff or by a private investigator authorized by the court to serve litigants in that respective county.