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Freaky chats mobile

It’s mysterious, it sends shivers down your spine, and if you’re reading it on a computer, I dare you to finish it and not look behind.

I was ready to turn off the monitor, when a pop-up came up, a link saying “Webcam”, nothing else. Now it was slamming itself into the door with full force. 1140 words | 3 minute read Internet chat rooms can be full of weird people, so when you meet someone sensible, you head straight for them like an island in the middle of the vast ocean.

Imagine you open up a new tab and instead of a web page, you see your webcam. Imagine you’re startled and then read someone say, “No I don’t think he even knows.So how was she messaging him on Facebook on September 4, 2013?Nathan recounts the strange events from that day to July 2014, complete with screenshots of the exchange.I think there can be little doubt that writers here at Make Use Of really love Google Maps and Google Earth.We’ve written about them extensively, such as John’s Google Maps mashups article or Ann’s article on historical mashups using Google Maps.

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