Editing and validating xml files

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Editing and validating xml files

an infrastructure for the run-time integration of heterogeneous multi-agent and legacy systems, based on Sun's Jini, from one of DAML's sister programs Infrastructure Secure Sockets Layer toolkit, including support for SSL streams, X.509 Certificate Authority functions, and a general purpose cryptographic library. Chimaera is a software system that supports users in creating and maintaining distributed ontologies on the web.

Two major functions it supports are merging multiple ontologies together and diagnosing individual or multiple ontologies. EDU/software/chimaera/ Ontology Analyzer Java toolkit for RDF and DAML OIL, from HP Labs Bristol.

Schemas for Doc Book, XHTML, XSLT, RDF and RELAX NG are included in the n XML mode download. Features that work without any schema include support for inserting end-tags easily.

n XML mode is implemented entirely in Emacs Lisp (Emacs' builtin extension language).

Site/Tools/Ontology Editor Visio DAML is a Visio application to illustrate how Visio can be used to create graphical representations of DAML OIL ontologies.

n XML mode is an addon for GNU Emacs, which makes GNU Emacs into a powerful XML editor.

It's called n XML mode because in Emacs terminology addons that customize Emacs for editing text of a particular sort are called modes.

Its core language is RDF, extended to include rules, and it uses RDF/XML or Notation 3 (N3) serializations as required.

Inference Engine a Description Logic (DL) classifier that can also be used for modal logic satisfiability testing.

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