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Dating chpoking

In the study, infants under the age of 1 accounted for 37.8 percent of all the choking cases.Certain foods posed more of a hazard to a particular age group.These include children under 4 years of age should not be given hard candies or gum, and raw fruits and vegetables should be cut into small pieces.Kids don’t master proper chewing and swallowing until they’re at least 4-years-old.

All of the cases in this study resulted in an ER visit, and in some cases, the child required an operation where a piece of food was removed from the lungs under general anesthesia via bronchoscopy.

In fact, choking is a leading cause of injury among children, and can sometimes be fatal, especially in children 4 years of age or younger.

The size, shape, and consistency of certain foods make them more likely to be a choking hazard for these kids.

First, parents should know that choking on food is common among young children, but there are ways to prevent it.

The study points to several things that we can do based on recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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