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This ability to combine our genealogy data with online proof documents (for free) will revolutionize family history research collaboration and be a boon to tracing and sharing your family roots and stories.Family Search has begun to implement the new system worldwide in gradual phases, and at press time have issued a very limited release to LDS Church members only – which is a great way to work out all of the bugs with a small user group before the major world roll-out.The storage facility, built literally into a mountainside, is located about 25 miles from downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.Records contained in the Family History Library (which are safeguarded in the mountain vault) and in Family Search databases have been gathered from a wide variety of sources worldwide in an ongoing collection effort that has been under way for more than a century.More records are being added every month by volunteer indexers online.If you are interested in helping or want to see what projects they are currently transcribing, go to Volunteers extract family history information from digital images of historical documents to create indexes that assist everyone in finding their ancestors.

But eventually it will be called Family Search Family Tree and will be relocated to the regular website.Most of the microfilm collection has been produced by microfilming original sources worldwide. Library of Congress contains 29 million books, and the Family Search records hold 132 times that much data.There are more than 5 billion documents (with untold billions of names) on 2 1/2 million rolls of microfilm and 1 1/2 million microfiche. In cooperation with legal custodians of records worldwide, Family Search has now replaced its microfilm cameras with digital cameras.“New Family Search” Preview A major project to improve Family Search has been in process for the past few years to upgrade the software and infrastructure.They have been developing ways to make organizing, viewing and sharing personal family histories online easier, faster and more accurate for more people.

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You can sign up as a beta tester and help them develop even better products for future use.