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Chat sex live goggle

Virtual Life (VL) would allow hundreds of thousands of people to interact in various environments: from the very tame to the absolute raunchiest.

While this new adventure would ostensibly allow us to communicate more closely, it also had the additional side benefit of giving me something else to do while he was not available. Of course, his avatar was somewhat of a projection of his own fantasies: broader shoulders, smaller waist and a proportionally much larger cock than in reality.

Sex had been frequent and, I believe, mutually satisfying.

Dave would often tie me up and tease me for hours, his warm tongue exploring and probing every part of my body or his hot cock penetrating me, well, anywhere he wanted.

My boyfriend (Dave) and I had been going together for four years.

Because of a major work project, Dave had to travel to Europe and was expected to be there for about six weeks.

Dave is a naturally domineering type and I was easily seduced by his firm but gentle manner and just as easily fell into the submissive role.

When Dave finally came home for his one week holiday, it was both exhilarating (the best one-on-one sex we’d had in months), but also a bit of a letdown, compared to the possibilities offered by our characters in VL.

Of course we didn’t only have sex while he was on a break, because he had some tinkering to do in our makeshift basement dungeon with the stuff he’d received in his absence.

Four days into his holidays, he surprised me by telling to dress like my VL avatar often did: a very tight latex corset with attached latex stockings, high posture collar, leg and wrist cuffs and five-inch locking heels.

Once dressed as told, I was to meet him in the “dungeon”.

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