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Asiatv not dating

In order to bag the film project, Arshi Khan got married to him in a hurry in secret.

She continued to date two other guys, one in Mumbai and another in Bhopal during the same time.

So they fought and Arshi dumped her Pakistani husband,” reveals Gehana Vasisth adding that in the year 2015, Arshi Khan had publicly admitted that she was being threatened by bookies from Pakistan.

Speaking to Gehana said, “Arshi Khan has also been dating this man who is a film distributor and producer for the last 4 years.

She must have had multiple boyfriends during this time.

This man actually hails from Punjab, but is now settled in Delhi and had promised to launch Arshi Khan as a main lead in his big budget Bollywood film about 3 years ago.

Arshi Khan and her alleged husband had a big fight one night when Arshi Khan caught him in the same room as Sapna Choudhary.

I got this information from some of Arshi Khan’s friends from Bhopal, Gehana claims.In another shocking revelation, south actress Gehana Vasisth has claimed that in the year 2014 Arshi Khan was dating her manager and publicist Flynn Remedios and the couple had a live-in relationship for a short-time.But due to Arshi’s hot temper, the couple split and while Flynn continued to handle Arshi’s work and PR, the relationship was over.The bookie husband offered her Rs 10 crore which she could give to Shahid Afridi and get him to turn the match.But her husband did not know that Arshi Khan was lying all along and she had never met or spoken to Afridi in her life.

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One of his wives is a former Delhi based known ramp model.

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